For Mother’s Day this Spring, Imagine Advanced Dental Arts is giving a lucky Mom a free, comprehensive smile makeover.

Dr. Maria Rhode, the owner of Imagine Advanced Dental Arts in Lawrenceville, NJ, is committed to supporting women in the region whose lives may be dramatically improved by Imagine’s oral health and cosmetic dentistry services.

“We often hear from patients that they are self-conscious about how they see themselves. After treatment, many have said their job, personal relationships and emotional wellbeing have improved because they — and others — see themselves in a new light. We want to share that sense of transformation with the winner of our Mother’s Day Smile Makeover Contest,” Dr. Rhode says.

The entry deadline is April 30, 2018. Candidates for the makeover submit a brief online biography and photo at
“The stories we’ve seen so far are truly touching,” Dr. Rhode said. “I look forward to helping someone gain renewed self-esteem and the joy of smiling freely.”
Almost everyone experiences self-consciousness over their appearance at one time or another. People who who have  crooked, missing or damaged teeth often lack the confidence to smile proudly and communicate freely with others. The popularity of dental cosmetic procedures is increasing…Facial Rejuvenation, porcelain veneers and crowns, rapid adult orthodontics…it is an exciting time in dentistry as more and more people seek out advanced dental arts in America.

Imagine Advanced Dental Arts is at the forefront of restorative and cosmetic care. Imagine offers an extensive range of services starting with comprehensive preventive care. Imagine treats patients with orthodontics, facial rejuvenation, TMJ/orofacial pain, implant and pediatric dentistry, as well as snoring or sleep apnea issues. They also have specialists for Endodontics and Periodontics, creating a comprehensive care approach for their patients.

Dr. Rhode is excited that through this Makeover she will be able to “empower women…make them feel strong and more confident.”  Imagine will spend the first two weeks in May screening candidates and the winner will be chosen right around Mother’s Day. Keep an eye out on all of Imagine’s social media outlets as the Makeover unfolds!

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